About Us


That every human being has a sustainable income through their enterprise and profession. To live decent lives and fulfilled dreams.


  • Inspire and help everyone to build their own enterprise.
  • Help enterprises in their daily operations.
  • Build enterprise human resources, marketing, finance, accounting and administration systems for businesses to grow and succeed.
  • Search for new improvements for growth, skill set, character, technology, and share it to every deserving human being.
  • Take responsibility, commitment and passion in sharing financial literacy to everyone for continuous growth, sustainability of work, and businesses.

My Story:

          I am an ordinary person who graduated from an average University, got employed and received my regular salary. I went through a rat race but for me, discipline is necessary, and to follow my dreams to start it, and to take it to another level.

          During my younger years, my professors, and mentors would asked me what are my dreams and aspirations?  Of course we all want lofty dreams, houses, cars, travels, etc. But, as we grow older, we tend to compromise those dreams based on how much we earn. I wondered if I could achieve my dreams. Of course not, when we do not strive for more in life. I do not mean for us to abuse ourselves to the point of pressure that we become ill just to earn more. What I mean is that, “money should work for us, not us for money”.

         In  2010 when I decided to end my job as an employee and went to the other side of the grid and things have changed. The rest is history.

          As an ordinary individual we too can make it, if we have dreams, that will drive us to achieve more than we could.

          This is our vision to every human being, together we will make a difference, through our businesses, work, and to live decent lives and fulfill our dreams.

– Ruel P. Luna

Core Values:

  • Value
  • Respect
  • Love
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Mindful of others
  • Excellence