Minute with John Maxwell – Blessed

Hi John Maxwell today welcome with a minute with Maxwell. A blessed life is the best life. Now if I looked at each one of you today and there are so many times when I’m having my minute with you that I wish we could literally interact it would be so much fun to talk back and forth. But if I ask you today every one of you the literally tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of people, if I ask you how many of you would like to live and have a blessed life we would all raise our hands. I would be raising mine also because we want to live a life of fulfillment. We want to live a life of joy, we want to live a life of happiness. It’s just naturally human for all of us to want the best for ourselves and the best for our family the best for the people that we love our friends or people that are in our community.

So when I think of a blessed life I think it always includes and involves other people. I don’t think it’s possible to have a blessed life just for myself, by myself that I’ve done to myself. I think it involves other people, I need you to help bless me just like I need to bless. You, I think the blessed life always needs community, a community that cares for one another. In a community that puts one another first. So when I say have a blessed life, what I really want for you is, I want you to bless someone else, and then is when you find what I call the boomerang of blessing. The boomerang of blessing is as you bless others it comes right back to you, and the more that you bless others the more that you get blessed.

And now you are beginning to see the big picture, the revolving picture of the blessed life. So turn off minute with Maxwell, go bless somebody, and just watch that boomerang right back into your life. Have a great day.

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Minute with John Maxwell – Perseverance

by John Maxwell

When I was a child my favorite story was the little engine that thought he could. Hi! John Maxwell here welcome to minute with Maxwell and that little story of the engine of thought that he could brings me to a principle of persistence you know the story don’t you? It’s the big hill and the little engine and that hill looked awfully intimidating big the engine, but he started and got a good run on the level tracks they start going up the hill and kept saying all the way up I think I can. I think I can. I think I can, and as he kept going up higher and higher it got harder, and they went slower, and just barely moving at the top when he got there. I thought I could love the story, and it’s a beautiful story of what persistence will do for us.

You see persistence has that’s its motivation anticipation you show me a person that is persistent who stays with the job longer than others doesn’t quit and I’ll show you a person who has a great sense of anticipation. Anticipation keeps me in the game, I can be persistent as long as I think that there’s answer. I can think that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. I think that I’m going to find my way. It’s that anticipation that keeps us being persistent, and to be honest with you persistence is the great separator.

Recently they did a survey of which they put out ten people into a room and they asked them to think of this idea, and get creative with it and maximize it as much as they could, and now hour after they were in this conversation they remove five of them, but before they remove the five they had the discussion, and they they got the best formed idea that the ten of them could do. They removed five of them, and then left five left the five that were left behind they had another hour to stay on the same. I, yeah to see if they could improve it even more than the next 10 hours had done in the first hour in every case. The five that stayed behind and worked into their hour came up with a better idea and a higher idea than those who left after the first hour.

Fewer people, but better depth than a better answer now. Why was that was it the fact that the five that left word of smarter as far as the state know has nothing to do with any of that, had everything to do with if you’ll stay with something a little bit longer the odds, are very high that it will get better and that’s the strength of persistence. Persistence makes us better. The question you and I have to ask ourselves is what have we stopped doing that shortcut us, and kept us from reaching a level potential that we do not know the next time you’re tempted to quit. Just remember the story give it another hour. I promise you persistence pays thanks for being with me today on a minute with Maxwell.

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Who is in Control of Your Mind by Gaur Gopal Das

Who's In Control Of Your Mind by Gaur Gopal Das

Master Self Control

How many of you have eaten something when your mind wanted it? How many of you have said something to someone when your mind wanted it? How many of you have walked into a shopping mall or into a branded store to buy something when your mind said it? I think we live in a world, where we have all become servants and slaves to our mind. What if we learn to reverse the situation and rather reverse the situation and rather than being slaves to the mind, learn to be masters to the mind. Where rather than the mind being in our control, we are in control of our minds. The pathetic state of the world that we are in today however, is because like Mahatma Gandhi said “The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed” It’s lack of self control that makes people greedy. It’s lack of self control that makes us consumers. Consuming at the cost of all of those resources that nature provided us so that we can sustainably live, and create a legacy of sustainability for the future generations. Unfortunately for us, however, we don’t look at it that way, consumption is not a problem. We need to live in the world, we need to consume. But should that consumption be at the cost of everything that provides us and everything that gives us, you know? And which is why, I do believe, that we are slaves and servants to the mind, we are consumers. But when we are masters to our mind, we are contributors. One of the sustainable development goals of the United Nations is responsible production and consumption. Be responsible in consuming and be responsible in producing.

Detox Your Mind

As fancy as the preps may look and as delicious as they may be, they get digested once they enter into our system and the body. The body needs to throw unwanted waste out in a day. Failing which can cause illness. There is nothing in the world that can quench our thirst to more, and make us feel more refreshed than water. Yet if the body doesn’t throw that water out in a couple of hours that retained water can be a cause of illness. I once saw a very elderly yoga teacher teach her students breathing techniques. She ask them to breathe in and hold their breath. But elderly as she was, she happened to fall asleep. The student who respected her a lot were unable to hold their breaths any longer but didn’t even want to disobey her. Finally as they were gasping, one of them walked up to her and woke her up. As she got up she said “and now breathe out”. As funny as it may sound the air we breathe in can be held for no more than a few minutes and if it is not thrown out, we may die. Isn’t this principle true for our negative emotions as well? Emotional hurt, grudges, jealousy, feelings of hatred, revenge, anger can make our minds toxic. Yet we continue to hold them in our systems, only leading them to so many psychological and consequently physical disorders. The body has a system to remove unwanted food, water, or air without us even being aware of it. How we wish there were automatic arrangement that could throw negative feelings and emotions out as well. But that’s not how it works with the mind. We have to consciously work on purging these toxic emotions out of our inner systems, and here are three suggested ways to get these feelings out. First write your feelings on paper and tear it into pieces or burn into ashes. This practice doesn’t necessarily solve the problem but allows us to express ourselves and release the negative energy at least temporarily. Second open your heart and confide into someone close and trustworthy. Sharing our feelings can not only lighten the heaviness we feel but we may also receive support and guidance to deal with our negativity. Third the most powerful of course, is adopting spiritual practice which can help us clean our consciousness and give us the inner strength to fight these tendencies. Always remember that it is not the glass of water which is only a couple of grams in weight that hurts our hand. It is the duration that we hold it. The quicker we keep it down the better it is for us.

Know More Before You Judge Others

In Mumbai, this is my favorite story, I tell this all the time I love it. In Mumbai sometimes I do this singing events. Kirtan – I sing the holy names of Krishna, the Hare Krishna mantra, and sometimes we have like 200 students, all youngsters, all university students, and these 200 students about 60 of them are PHD students, it’s amazing all of these PHD students coming and participating in Kirtan – we have 200 of them. All university students, and then sing, like 2 hours. I just sing. I speak but also sing, and when finish singing, then all students will come and say that was amazing. And believe me it’s hard to take those compliment seriously because they don’t understand any music but anyway I really kind of respond back thank you very much. Really grateful for your compliments. I take it because it’s out of love. It doesn’t matter skill or expertise very loving. So I say thank you. Now one evening we had this Kirtan event, singing event, and a special personality came for this event, it was a lady, she was 80 years old. Every body else was like between 21 and 25 so there’s only one lady who was so elderly, was like 80 years old and she happened to be the grandmother of one of the students. She came and she sat there, I mean what’s so special if an 80 year old lady comes and sits for the Kirtan it’s okay. She was trained in singing for 35 years she came and sat there. Now that day, if I wanted the compliment of the word amazing it was from her. If she said amazing, sorted, you are sorted . All these kids say amazing. Who cares you know. They don’t understand music anyway. But the lady who is trained to sing for 35 years she says amazing. You made it, you have done it. So usually I sing with the harmonium in front of me. I keep my eyes closed. I don’t open my eyes usually try . That day every few minutes it was opening my eyes to see how is she nodding. Is she completely involved in the singing because then you know – oh it’s going good. After the thing was over, the kids were coming and saying amazing. I said ok thank you. Thank you. There’s only one person I need to hear it from, one person today, the 80 year old grandma who really has 35 years of experience in singing. And the grandson came and said – Prabhaji would you like to meet my grandma? I said Ya I don’t mind actually, very politely I said – I don’t mind actually. And he brought his grandmother to see me. And the grandmother came and as she came there – you know sometimes you say these things in modesty, you don’t mean it at all. Like how many of you have said a sorry and not meant it at all. Like how many of you have said a sorry and not mean it at all? Did you? Have you? Ok thank you. Have you ever said a thank you and didn’t meant it at all? Happens all the time isn’t it? That day I said a statement, it was just artificial modesty, I didn’t feel it like that. I didn’t feel like that at all, I just said to her – actually I don’t know how to sing well and I’m actually off the key, In India they call it besur, I am off the key – main besur hun. She said that’s right. Oh my God that’s right. Oh my God and I am like completely, devastated, devastated. And Am like thinking how can anybody say it straight on your face. I mean if you say, yeah it was a kind of something you can make. I said I am off the key. I can’t sing and she says that’s right. And then the grandson was standing right there. And the grandson started shouting at her – Grandma! I mean he didn’t shout that loud, this is exaggerated. Grandma, did you hear what he’s saying? He’s saying he is off the key, he can’t sing well. She said – that’s impossible if he was off key and he can’t sing well, I wouldn’t sat here for a single minute. Now I was confused. Within one minute – just now she said I can’t and now she says I can. And then the grandson turned towards me and said – Prabhuji, she is hard of hearing she uses a hearing aid and she didn’t bring it today. So because your singing was amplified she could hear but when you are talking she can’t hear and therefore sometimes she just has to say ya ya ya. That’s dangerous you just keep saying ya ya ya to anything that anybody says you know. Now believe me if I would have judged her by her actions I would have for my life thought that and branded her by saying what a horrible woman – she don’t know etiquette and you know sensitivities in dealings. But when you look at the hidden mango behind which I didn’t know . Don’t judge, brand or conclude until you know.

Believe In Yourself

Who tried his level best to clear his exams at university? But he repeatedly failed and finally he just gave up. Thinking that marriage would be the best way to make him responsible. His family got him married, after the marriage , the man took up a job as a primary school teacher but due to lack of experience was mocked by students and finally removed by the school authorities. In just a few weeks time when he returned home that day his wife wiped his tears and comforted him. She said to him, you can teach young kids only if you have taken formal training, or at least have some experience of teaching kids. And for you didn’t study teaching at university nor have you dealt with kids earlier. So how would you know how to teach kids? Don’t be too sad about it. When God says yes to your prayer gives what you want but when He says no to your prayer gives something better. Probably there is a better more suitable job waiting for you out there. Gathering some hope, the man kept trying to find opportunities and when he did finally find one, he was once again chucked out of the job due to his slowness, yet again his wife tried to encourage him by saying “I’m sure there are people who are skilled and experienced at that job” And their experience comes from many years at it, as for you you were in school trying to teach kids all this while. So how could you acquire the needed skills? Don’t worry when God says no to your prayer gives something better. But when he says wait to your prayer gives you the best. The man kept trying his luck with several jobs which never lasted with several jobs which never lasted, more than a couple of weeks, at best months. Each time he would return back home dejected and depressed and his loving wife would comfort him never once was she disappointed or resentful. By the time the man was in his thirties he had found his calling and had acquired a flair in languages. He ended up being a counsellor in a school for those kids who were challenged in hearing and speaking and a little later he opened his own school, for specially abled kids. In a couple of years he set-up a chain of stores in different cities and provinces selling apparatus and equipment for the specially-abled and went on to become a multi millionaire. One day the now rich man asked his wife. “When I was so negative about my own future, how could you have so much faith in me?” The reply that his wife gave him was simple yet very profound and inspiring. She said “When a piece of land is not suitable for planting wheat we should try planting beans and after all the years of efforts if beans are not growing well we should try planting fruits or veggies and if vegetation doesn’t work, we can scatter buckwheat seeds. This seeds will one day bloom into flowers and on the very land itself there will be one seed that will germinate and grow”. After having listened to the wife’s explanation the man wept. Her faith in him, her love, her patience, her persistence, was actually responsible for the successful empire that they now owned. Ladies and gentlemen, no one is useless, the land fertile, but seed not known. It takes a while to figure it out what’s your seed, what works for you but once you discover your seed, your passion, discovery excellence and growth. Until then believe in yourself. More so have someone who believes in you and keep you going until you see your day.

Rule of Success Get Unstuck


What keeps people stuck? Month after month, year after year, that 97% of the population are stuck. You’ve got people graduating with all kinds of degrees, and the results would indicate that they know very much at all. Most people don’t understand what’s going on inside, there’s something that’s stopping them that’s called a paradigm. See when paradigms are in control nothing changes and that’s why most people have the same results year after year. People know how to do better than what they’re doing, the problem is that they don’t know why they’re not doing what they know how to do. See it’s the paradigm that produces the result, and if we’re going to change the result there’s only one way to do it. Just one, you can change the curve at a man’s environment is a merciless year of him as a human being, and if change his environment. All he has to do is improve on his environment will improve and reflect the changing man. All you have to do is to know its power hundred percent. Even the president is in the same place at the same time. Your spiritual DNA is perfect so is mine, there’s perfection within you, you got to learn, just draw it out.

However, once your desire has been firmly established, it is an expectant attitude that ensures your goal or dream is not uprooted or replaced by any opposing idea to see. When you understand how this power works, and your conscious relationship to it, you’re not going to be knocked off track by circumstance because you are expecting
the right thing to happen as if I found the 10-acre lot because I was looking for the 10-acre lot. Most people don’t expect it, they just think because they changed vocations, they change towns, they change spouses, they change clothes, they change cars, that everything’s going to happen, no. You don’t change the kitchen by painting the outside of the house. If you want your results to change permanently, and dramatically, you’ve got to change the inside.

Interview with Bob Proctor by Evan Carmichael

Rule of Success Control Your Happiness


Everybody wants to be happy, but not everybody is happy. You know I can take you back to the man who gave me this book, his name is Rey Stanford. During those times, I was a very unhappy individual. I was a sad soul believe me, and I remember one day he said Bob you have to change. Would you like to be happy? Well, I used to think that was something that happened to some people but you weren’t control of it. I really never knew that I can control my own happiness, I didn’t know that, and I’m gonna tell you something. There’s a whole lot of people who don’t know that, otherwise you wouldn’t find so many people who are pretty sad. I’m going to tell you a secret Bob, he said “If you get it you can benefit from this, until you’re very old man” he said. You are in control of your own happiness. I’m going to tell you why you’re not happy? There’s a thought energy flowing into your consciousness and you know what you do? You bottle it all up inside, all of your energies focused on you.

You are the only thing that you think about, like “poor me”, “I wish that some money”, “I wished”, I wished, I wished, but your thoughts are always about yourself. If you find someone else to help, if you can help someone, and I’m gonna tell you there’s a whole lot of people out there want help, if you focus on helping other people you’re going to be one happy person. No, I don’t think I got it right away. But he knew probably I wasn’t gonna get it right away. I don’t know I was trying to figure out how to get some money, how to help myself? I want you to think about this for a moment, there so many people need help. In Chapter 14 of The Science of Getting Rich is a powerful concept, that leave everyone with the impression of increase, if you do that you’re helping people. Happiness is always found in a person who is focusing on helping other people.

Interview with Bob Proctor by Evan Carmichael

Rules of Success Shift Your Paradigm


Stop and think of any large company, you can go and ask the leaders of the company who are your stars? I mean the ones that are really making it happen, and they’ll get a few, say what are they doing that’s so different? Why don’t you find out what they’re doing it and teach it to everybody? Well everybody can’t do it, why they can’t do it? You know something the stars don’t know why they’re stars, and they will say well they’re smart, some of them aren’t very smart, smarts got nothing to do with it. They have shifted their paradigm, they’ve knocked the wall down, and they built an image and they followed the rules, they just didn’t know what they were doing, I didn’t know what I was doing, I was there know for a million dollars here, I had no idea what I was doing, I said I was cleaning offices, that was almost incidental. What I was reading “Think And Grow Rich” every day, also I was listening to the recording every day. I was reprogramming my subconscious mind.

Interview with Bob Proctor by Evan Carmichael

Rule of Success Use Your Imagination


Attracting what you actually want, I think James Allen put it in his little book “As a Man Thinketh” he said you don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are. Now think about that, if you want to attract what you want, you’ve got to see yourself already with it. You’ve got to understand that you’ve already got it. First of all, clearly understand this, nothing is created or destroyed that means everything’s already here, if not in one place certainly in another. Where did the iPhone come from, the iPhone came from series of ideas that individuals entertained in their mind, and they kept holding the idea until the stuff came to them that enabled them to build the phone. The stuff had already been here, nothing is created or destroyed, all science, all technology dates that. If nothing is created or destroyed everything that is already here. Our problem is we’ve got to wait until we see it outside, before we believe we’ve got it.

Start dealing with the non-physical world with the invisible world, with the world that you can’t see through these little peepers that you’ve got here we call eyes. Start to see yourself mentally you’ve been given the faculties to do that. Use your imagination, see yourself already in possession of the good you desire. That will flip your mind on to a specific frequency and you do think on frequencies it’s on that frequency that good you desire is going to start coming towards you, and you will start moving toward it. If you want to attract what you actually want, you’ve got to see yourself now already with it. And no it’s only a period of time until you moving toward it and then moving toward you and you become one with it.

Interview with Bob Proctor by Evan Carmichael

Rule of Success Get Real Success


Success is a funny word. Earl Nightingale had a great definition for success, a person is successful if they know where they are, and they know where they’re going, and they’re progressively moving in that direction. He said “Success it is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal” anyone that has a goal and they’re moving towards that they’re successful. Most people think that you’re successful if you have a lot of money, but it isn’t. I wouldn’t say mother Teresa has a lot of money but she’s a successful lady.

Interview with Bob Proctor by Evan Carmichael

Rule of Success Serve


Serving is an interesting word like most words it’s misunderstood, see the average person is looking at the opportunity is something they’re going to get so they’re out looking to get something opportunity is what you’re going to give. See it’s the person that’s thinking of an idea, how can I do more? How can I provide more service for the people we provide service for? Do you know? I spend almost all of my time thinking of how I can help you more than I’m helping you. I’m here in my studio, we spent a million dollars building this studio so that I can communicate more effectively with our clients. Opportunity is in giving it’s not receiving it’s not getting, it’s giving, it’s sharing, it’s putting something out there.

Interview with Bob Proctor by Evan Carmichael

Rule of Success Develop Your Will


When President John Kennedy asked the father of the space program Dr. Wernher Von Braun what would take to build a rocket that would carry a person to the moon and bring him back safely to earth, he answered him in five words, “The Will To Do It” pretty light, simple answer for such an enormous question, but I’m going to tell you some, the will to do it, had a lot of power in it. What do we mean by that the will to do it?

“Will” is one of your higher faculties, your perception, reason, memory, imagination, intuition, and the will. Will is a mental faculty that gives you the ability to hold one idea on the screen of the mind to the exclusion of all outside distractions. You know it would be hard-pressed to figure out how many things that grab your attention at any given time. But there’s all kinds of things going on around that are begging your conscious attention. You can block them all out and keep one idea on the screen of the mind with your will. Will is our mental faculty, the ability to hold one idea on the screen of the mind to the exclusion of all outside distractions. It’s the will that gives you the ability to concentrate. Concentration is a powerful mental tool. How you develop your will? I’ll tell you, take your pen or a little black marker and go opposite to your favorite chair. There’s a wall opposite to your favorite chair, put a little dot on the wall when nobody sees you doing it, and nobody will ever notice the dots there. Every time you sit in that chair focus on that dot, bring all your conscious attention to bear on the dot.

Now when you do that your mind may wander. That’s okay don’t feel bad, does it wander to bring it back to the dot. Every time it wanders if you concentrate on that dot for a half a second you’ll probably set a family record. Our mind is so busy, focus on the dot you’ll find your mind wander don’t feel bad, bring it back to the dot. You can get to the point where you can concentrate for quite a while, and I’m telling you, you concentrate for a while you’re developing great powers. Or get a candle in the candle holder and put it somewhere around your favorite chair. When you’re alone light the candle and stare at the flame until you mentally become one with the flame. Now your mind may wander don’t feel bad about it bring it back to the flame. When you learn to concentrate on one thing, you can concentrate on anything because that is how you develop your will.

Interview with Bob Proctor by Evan Carmichael