Rule of Success Trade Your Life For Worthy Goals

Worthy Goals

The law of success is a pretty interesting concept. There have been books written on it, stories told on it, and lives have been spent looking for it. Let’s understand that everything operates by law. The whole universe operates by law, the definition of success I ever heard was one that Earl Nightingale originated way back in 1959. He said, “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” Let’s break that down for a moment, success is the progressive, continually moving, progressive realization, constant awareness of a worthy ideal, an ideal is an idea that you have fallen in love with, and ideal is an idea that you intellectually, emotionally, and physically involved with, an ideal is an idea that you fall in love with.

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal, so you don’t ask Are you worthy of the idea? Are you worthy of the good? Is it worthy of you? Now you’re getting into love success, it is worthy of you to see. What you’re gonna do is trade your life for whatever it is you’re going after. So you want to make up your mind whatever your goal happens to be, whatever you are pursuing make certain it’s worthy of you because you’re chained trading your life for it. The law of success calls for you to continue moving forward to a predetermined objective in life, and bringing your life in harmony with the laws that govern the entire universe.

Interview with Bob Proctor by Evan Carmichael

Rule of Success Believe in Yourself


William James an American Philosopher from Harvard University said to believe and your belief will create a fact. All things are possible if you believe, I study for a long time, I started to study this book “Think and Grow Rich” Napoleon Hill he said, “If you’re not ready for what you want until you believe that you can get it.” I found the two sources of reference we could go to find out anything about yourself is science and religion.

They all say you’ve got to believe. So I get figuring out how do you change a belief. Interesting subject because I’m going to tell you something belief is nothing but the manifestation of your belief system. Our belief system is based on the evaluation of something and frequently when we reevaluate a situation our belief about that situation will change. I began reevaluating who I was, I started to study, I never stopped studying and I found as I reevaluated it I had a much higher opinion of myself. I found out things about me that I would have never believed if you had told me the power that’s locked up within us, the marvelous system we’ve got.

Do you know the blood circulates through your veins every 33 seconds, through hundreds of miles of veins passageway. The central nervous system is the most complex electrical system in the world, and you’ve got it. Think of your brain as an electronic switching station like that, you can change the vibration of yourself and everything around you. We have awesome powers and it’s all based on what believe about yourself.

Interview with Bob Proctor by Evan Carmichael

Rule of Success Surround Yourself With Greatness


Surround yourself with the people that uplift and support you that creates a phenomenal impact in your life. I think Karl Menninger from the Medicare Foundation one time said, “Environment is more important than heredity.” The people we’re surrounded by have a greater bearing on our life and our success in life than what’s built into the genes at birth.

There’s genetic conditioning, there’s environmental conditioning, this environmental conditioning goes on all the way through life, you will find as you improve the quality of your life, improve your thinking, you even attract a different group of people into your life, and they are going to add to your life. You see the people we’re surrounded by their thinking is going right into our mind.

We want to mix with people who are really making it happen, take a look at your friends that you’re with most oftentimes, and ask yourself if I have children what I want them to grow up be like them? The answer is no, you better start looking for some new friends, if the answer is yes you’re already in the right circle of people. Think about what I’m saying, the people we’re surrounded with have a phenomenal impact on our lives, and help make us who we are.

Interview with Bob Proctor by Evan Carmichael

Rule of Success Grow Yourself

Grow Yourself

If I want to do something I find somebody that’s already done it, and then I do exactly what they tell me. It’s a simple rule to follow. I don’t read novels, I don’t watch movies, I watch documentaries or things like that. What can I learn? I’m only interested in studying something that can cause me to become more of what I’m capable of doing. I think we are all hardwired to do something really special with our life, and that’s all I want to do.

I’m really good at what I do. I could walk by a person in the hall like that, I could tell them exactly what they like, I could read their energy like a book. Everything goes on the inside shows on the outside. We’re gifted with faculties of the mind, and the average person knows nothing about intuition, will, reason, imagination, perception, and memory. That’s what separates us from all the rest of the forms of life as a human being. We can go to school and never learn anything about it, but you’ll hear people say they have a bad memory. There’s no such thing as a bad memory. Everybody has a perfect memory, it’s just weak, they’ve never developed it.

Our imagination is the most magnificent piece. Napoleon Hill said, “It’s the most marvelous miraculous, inconceivable powerful force the world’s ever known.” I can use my imagination to project myself into the future, and bring the future into the present, and start living there. You work from the imagination, you don’t work to it, you work from it, backward from the present results.

Interview with Bob Proctor by Evan Carmichael

Rule of Success Get Out of The Box

Out of the Box

When I have no awareness when I live before without the proper mindset, someone woke me up, I mean someone who shows me the way to get out of my circumstances. Now that I’m out of my circumstances before, because someone bothers to help me out of the situation I’m in, that’s all I want to do with someone else. I remember the man who helped me said, “You can have whatever you want in life, only do what I told you. ”

Good thinking can get you out of the box. That’s where you’ve been given an imagination to get out of the box, it’s with the power of your imagination, that you build images in your mind, of whatever you want. If you can build the image you can do it, you can hold it in your head and in your hand. When you understand that, like I would imagine, nothing is impossible for you to do. This same principle goes also to athletes, who want to win in the competition. They can have anything they want, including the price that they got to pay, and when doubt comes into your mind you need to kick it out, immediately, you cannot afford to doubt.

Interview with Bob Proctor by Evan Carmichael

Rule of Success Make A Decision

Success is a decision

Napoleon Hill in Thinking and Grow Rich wrote an entire chapter on decision. Most people never make decisions, they have a difficult time with it, why is that? I think they have difficulty in their decisions, because their parents made decisions for them until they are too old and they never learned how to make a decision. Do you know that one thing that I did with my kids I never made a decision for them, they didn’t like it they say come on don’t do that to me and I said no what do you think you should do? And I leave it at that, decision-making is a phenomenal concept and you’re going to find out as I point out that successful people make decisions very fast. People that have difficulty in life make their decisions very slow.

Decision making is a funny thing, you and I think on frequencies if we could see a bunch of lines on a board and we’re thinking on a frequency down. I’m going to do that when this changes, this is never going to change until you get up on up frequency. You see the good that you’re after is on a higher frequency than you’re operating on a greater awareness, and if you’re down here and your goal is up there, you need to get your mind up there. How do you get up there? Make the decision, be there, and that’s really what you have to do. The seconds you make a decision you flip your brain on to a different frequency and you start to attract things to you that you could not before or you never get without making the decision.

Interview with Bob Proctor by Evan Carmichael

Rule of Success Develop Awareness


You have to wake up, all we need to get is awareness, we’ve already got everything, the only thing we lack is the awareness of what we’ve got. We’re God’s highest form of creation, there’s nothing on the planet that will equal to us. All the problems in the world come from ignorance. That’s the purpose of life to overcome ignorance.

Develop awareness, the only way to overcome our ignorance is through knowledge, and the only way to get the knowledge is to study. Most people finish school because they study over a number of books, and when they graduated they are done and never open any book. Some of them have this kind of mentality “I’ve never done open another book as long as I live, since I’ve done my study and graduated”, you’re screwed up, it’s all over.

Interview with Bob Proctor by Evan Carmichael

Rule of Success Improve Your Self Image

Dr Maxwell Maltz

Dr. Maxwell Maltz wrote a book way back around 1960’s it was called self-image, psychology, psycho-cybernetics it’s a phenomenal book, he said it was the greatest discovery of his generation, he was a cosmetic or reconstructive surgeon, and he found he would do work for people, he might have been a nose job or removed a terrible scar. He noticed that when he did that there was a phenomenal change in their personality, but he noticed the others he would make a phenomenal physical change, and there was no change in their personality, and that led him to postulate that we have two images, we have the one that’s coming back from the mirror but we’ve got an inner image, and that inner image is self-image, is literally controlling our life.

You will find people that have a very poor self-image or low self-esteem they won’t look you straight in the eye, they’re afraid to shake hands with you, they’re very shy and withdrawn, they go through life hiding from life, they don’t like themselves, they don’t know themselves. You know when a person improves their self-image they change their internal life, their income change, their relationship change, their health changes, and you know how you do that? Start studying yourself. Start to find out more about you.

There’s something phenomenal about you. You know when I began to study this material, 57 years ago I have a very low self-image, I have very low self-esteem, I took dumb jobs, I never earned any money, I never had fun, I had poor relationships. As I started to study start to study real solid information everything in my life started to improve. I’ve got friends all over the world today, I earn millions of dollars. I’m in my 80’s and I get as much energy as a person in their 30’s. You see when you understand really who you are, you’re God’s highest form of creation, there are things about you that just about to blow your mind as you start to study, and really understand them, you’ll walk a little taller just stands a little straighter, and you know something? You’ll enjoy a whole lot more of your life.

Interview with Bob Proctor by Evan Carmichael

Rule of Success Start With The Vision


Most people don’t use their imagination constructively, most people use their imagination destructively, they imagine what they don’t want, we have to consciously and deliberately imagine what we do want. If we will take and it down with a pen and ask yourself, what do I really want? Write it down and make a written description in the present tense, writing causes thinking, and thinking creates an image, and you get these images going. You’re building a vision in your mind, It’s the visionaries world.

Think of that, the fact that I can sit and look into this camera, and you can sit and look at me at your phone, or TV, or Laptop, that was the result of somebody’s vision. Everything you’ve got, the clothes you wear, the house you live in, this microphone that’s in front of me, it was all the result of somebody’s vision. It’s not an accident. You and I have a marvelous imagination and everything starts with the vision. Vincent Van Gogh was asked how he did such a beautiful work? He said first I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream.

Interview with Bob Proctor by Evan Carmichael

Rule of Success Have a Strong Why

Wright Brothers

I have worked all over the world, I mean over Asia, China, South America, North America, Europe. As I go all over the place I usually ask, what do you really want? I have found that most people don’t want to be wealthy. What they want is that they don’t want to have any financial concerns. First, if they want to buy their new suit they can go and get one, if they want to make the trip, they can make the trip, if they want a new car they can get their new car. They want to just run out and spend or buy. Second, they don’t want to have any financial concerns. They want to wake up every morning excited about how they gonna spend their day. Third, they want to mix with people who are upbeat, and creatively productive. These are three things that people really want. In answer to your question if somebody is watching, what’s the first thing they should do? The first they should do is to understand why we have goals, not just set a goal, because most people don’t set goals right. They are operating with a limited level of consciousness so they’re thinking, If I could get a little more money, and if I could get him and her to help me, if this happened then I could do this. Maybe to get a new car, but we must understand these, we’re treating our life for our goals, literally trading our life.

Would you trade your life? For a car or a house, I don’t think so, so it’s got to be something really meaningful, and we’re not taught to think this way. We should sit down and don’t give any thought to where the money will come. It’s what do you really want, like Ed Hillary was a beekeeper in Auckland, and he wanted to climb mount
Everest, it had never been done, great people died trying to do it. He went in 1951 and failed, he went in 1952 and failed and in 1953 he stood to the mountain with Tenzing Norgay, but he didn’t know how to get there, until, after he had got there. Edison didn’t know how to illuminate the world, until after he had done it. The Wright brothers were bicycle mechanics in Dayton, Ohio no one believe they can fly. They trying it for years but they trying to do it. They didn’t know how and they couldn’t tell you until after they had done it. Now the first flight only lasted 12 seconds, but the naysayers said yeah but they only were up there for 12 seconds. They said we not only got up there, we kept the damn thing up there for 12 seconds. So when a person sets a goal, they have to say look what I want. If I just let my mind roar off just wander use my imagination how do I really want to live, that’s what they should be doing.

Interview with Bob Proctor by Evan Carmichael