Rule of Success Have a Strong Why

Wright Brothers

I have worked all over the world, I mean over Asia, China, South America, North America, Europe. As I go all over the place I usually ask, what do you really want? I have found that most people don’t want to be wealthy. What they want is that they don’t want to have any financial concerns. First, if they want to buy their new suit they can go and get one, if they want to make the trip, they can make the trip, if they want a new car they can get their new car. They want to just run out and spend or buy. Second, they don’t want to have any financial concerns. They want to wake up every morning excited about how they gonna spend their day. Third, they want to mix with people who are upbeat, and creatively productive. These are three things that people really want. In answer to your question if somebody is watching, what’s the first thing they should do? The first they should do is to understand why we have goals, not just set a goal, because most people don’t set goals right. They are operating with a limited level of consciousness so they’re thinking, If I could get a little more money, and if I could get him and her to help me, if this happened then I could do this. Maybe to get a new car, but we must understand these, we’re treating our life for our goals, literally trading our life.

Would you trade your life? For a car or a house, I don’t think so, so it’s got to be something really meaningful, and we’re not taught to think this way. We should sit down and don’t give any thought to where the money will come. It’s what do you really want, like Ed Hillary was a beekeeper in Auckland, and he wanted to climb mount
Everest, it had never been done, great people died trying to do it. He went in 1951 and failed, he went in 1952 and failed and in 1953 he stood to the mountain with Tenzing Norgay, but he didn’t know how to get there, until, after he had got there. Edison didn’t know how to illuminate the world, until after he had done it. The Wright brothers were bicycle mechanics in Dayton, Ohio no one believe they can fly. They trying it for years but they trying to do it. They didn’t know how and they couldn’t tell you until after they had done it. Now the first flight only lasted 12 seconds, but the naysayers said yeah but they only were up there for 12 seconds. They said we not only got up there, we kept the damn thing up there for 12 seconds. So when a person sets a goal, they have to say look what I want. If I just let my mind roar off just wander use my imagination how do I really want to live, that’s what they should be doing.

Interview with Bob Proctor by Evan Carmichael

Rule of Success Move Into Action

Don Shula

Don Shula they coach of the old Miami Dolphin, he said it’s the start that stops most people and he’s right. It is to start that stops most people they’re always getting ready to get set to get going on what we need to do, then boom! Just like that move into action. If you don’t get started you’re not going to get it done. How do we start? Start early, I believe when you wake up you should get up, and when you fail, you should get up the second you wake up, get your feet hit the floor, move into action and know you will be wise if you plan at night before you go to bed and write down six goal-achieving activities. The goal is not the daily activities that we needed to do like going to the store, going to the bank, or cleaning the office, it’s not that, these are goal-achieving activities.

Write down six of them, and when you get up in the morning you move into action, you know where you’re going to start. You don’t even have to think about it, step into action, and get into the first one, when you get it done, forget it and go to the second one, don’t think about the first one, focus on the next. Don’t even think about three, get it done, then go to three, but get it done one at a time, if you don’t get them all done, just move them over on the next day, and that doesn’t mean if you only get three done, that you have nine the next day, there are three of the six that you’re going to do the next day. Six goals achieving activities and when you wake up in the morning move into action, quit holding yourself back, don’t wait, and say well I really don’t know-how. I’m going to get started, and the way will show itself, it will just appear. I have found when you get started when you move into action, everything starts to happen around

Interview with Bob Proctor by Evan Carmichael

Rule of Success Develop Confidence

Self Confidence

One of the greatest hang-ups that people have is the belief in themselves, they suffer from something called self-doubt. Many years ago I read something it was Ralph Waldo Emerson, it was this essay on self-reliance, that’s what we want to do, we want to rely on ourself, and in that he said, there would come a time in every person’s education when they realized that envy is ignorance, and imitation is a suicide, so many people look at someone that’s doing very well possible in the same field they envy them. Do you know that saying? I don’t know that I have the same mental faculties as you’ve got, I’m drawing on the same potential that you’re drawing on, so I’m going to envy you, thinking you can do something that I’m not able to do. The truth is if you can do it, I can do it as well.

Envy is ignorance, not knowing and Imitation is a suicide. Do you know that nothing in this universe would move in the precise order? It moves even without you. That’s true! Everything in the universe is essential, you take any part away from anything it’s not complete, and everything in the universe moves in a very precise way. So do you see we shouldn’t even want to be like anybody else because we are truly unique? There’s something like about us that you’ll never find in another person, and we got the God-like ability to think. What is self-doubt? Self-doubt is the opposite of self-confidence. Confidence comes from understanding like I would imagine you’re confident, for example, you’re driving your car, in fact, you’re so confident talking to somebody on the phone, while driving, you maybe four or five blocks, not even be aware of what you’ve done. It’s all done automatically, your concentration is on the conversation you’re on. But during your first time you drive a car, you couldn’t do that, the car was probably jumping all over the place, and you thought you’d never learned how to drive it, but you learned how to drive it now, you’re quite confident. You’re confident now that you’re grown up that you can get dressed when you get up in the morning automatically but when you’re a little boy or a little girl you couldn’t do that, you need to be taught how to do it.

Self-confidence comes like all confidence, it comes with knowledge, and the more you study and have the experience the more you understand, the more confident you’ll become, in your ability to do whatever it is you’re doing, and you’ll know that, if you like confidence in your field, it’s because you have interest in the field of expertise you’ve chosen. Never doubt yourself, and when you do it’s wrong thinking. You need to understand who you are. Study yourself, and when you study yourself it will develop self-confidence, and self-confidence eliminates self-doubt.

Interview with Bob Proctor by Evan Carmichael

Rule of Success Practice Forgiveness


Forgiving is one of the most freeing concepts anybody can ever get involved with most people. Look at forgiveness as helping the other person. Somebody hurts you, somebody does you wrong, but you need to forgive them, you need to be kind to them. It has nothing to do with the person but it has something to do with yourself. That’s really what it has to do, forgiveness is a cleansing concept, it clears the mind of all negativity. Clearing the mind of anything that might go wrong. It’s a very freeing concept if you were to do some harm to me, and I forgive you, you haven’t got anything to with you, but it’s I’m letting go off something that was bothering me that’s negative, and I don’t want to hold on to that, forgiving freeze the one that’s doing the forgiving.

It’s a phenomenal concept, forgive, means I let go off completely, abandoned, let it go, don’t hold on to it. If somebody does you wrong you wonder to ask yourself, why they would do that? There’s something bothering them, they’re not really trying to hurt you, it’s something that’s bothering them deep inside them. Let it go just forgive it, forgive is the idea, and I’ll guarantee you, you’ll feel a lot better.

Interview with Bob Proctor by Evan Carmichael

Rule of Success Get Good Mentors


Any success I’ve had I’ve had because I’ve got great mentors and I’m a good student. When I was 26 years old I was a terrible student. When I picked up this book “Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill” I become a great student. I’ve got thousands of bucks, I have an office at home in my home. I Have a couple of thousand of books in it. I build a studio and I’ve got a couple of thousand of books in the studio, I love reading, but the success that I’ve enjoyed is because of the mentors or coaches that I’ve had. I would do exactly what they tell me, and if I coach somebody today and if they don’t do exactly what I tell them, I don’t coach them anymore, just like that, it’s all over, it’s not that they’re not ready but if I’m going to coach somebody and if they’re not doing what I tell them, I’m wasting my time and theirs too. Now if to waste their time that’s their own prerogative, I’m not going to waste my time.

Interview with Bob Proctor by Evan Carmichael

Rule of Success Tap Into Your Genius


If you really analyze your beliefs you’ll change, I’m trying to figure out where do beliefs come from because all religions and science will tell you, you got to believe it. William James from Harvard since 1900 he said “believe in your belief will become a fact, so it’s an interesting word you’ve got to believe it.

I was having lunch with a mentor one time and he said our belief system is based upon our evaluation of something. Frequently if we reevaluate a situation our belief about that situation will change. It was like bells were going off my head because I was trying to understand belief. How do you change your belief? He told me through re-evaluation and so I started to evaluate myself and re-evaluate what I was doing. It took me nine and a half years but I figured out why. I changed and it was the repetition of the information. If you’re in sports you know it’s repetition, practice makes you perfect but perfect practice makes you perfect, there’s a big difference. I found that the part of our mind that controls our behavior is not part of our mind that gathers information. The school deals with the part of your mind that gathers information, and so we gather all kinds of information, and if we can remember it, they give us a test, we pass the test, we get the degree and we’re educated, that’s not education at all, that is gathering information. Education pointed outcomes from the Latin word “educere” which means to develop from within and to bring forth. We have genius in us, we have absolute perfection in us, and what we have to do is learn how to tap into that. To let it out, but we have part of our mind that controls our behavior, and that’s where the paradigm is, and the paradigm literally controls our behavior. I don’t care what you’re doing, if you’re not altering the paradigm you’re not going to improve your results. There’s so much about ourselves we never learn, the part of our mind that controls us is our intellect or our subconscious where the paradigm is. But we’re trained to live in our senses, we’re trained to go by what we see, smell, taste, and touch. We have to understand that we’ve got this genius within us and if we will consciously gain an awareness and understanding of how to alter the paradigm that’s controlling our behavior, when we learn that we can start to improve life, just like that. There’s no end to what we’re capable of doing. We’re conditioned genetically all our father’s and mother’s DNA becomes our DNA. There’s two-part of energy that comes together, and that’s the moment of conception. In 280 days later we make our debut on the planet, they are programmed by our environment because our subconscious mind which is totally deductive, it has no ability to reject. The subconscious mind is amoral it’s like the earth, it doesn’t care what you plant but it will return what you planted.

Earl Nightingale uses a very beautiful example in the strangest secret, he said you can plant nightshade, a deadly poison, not 1/16 of an inch away you can plant corn, and other good crops. One will grow with just a great abundance as the other and that’s the way your subjective mind works. You put the wrong idea in and it will grow, put the right idea it will grow, we have the ability to change what’s in there. We did not program it. It was programmed through genetic history, where the confluence of a genetic pool occurs back for generations. That’s at birth and then environmentally, and we have the ability to alter all that.

Interview with Bob Proctor by Evan Carmichael

Rule of Success Be More Patient


Patience is a virtue, I suppose it probably is but I think real patience is an expression of deep understanding to see everything happens when it’s supposed to happen. Everything in this universe happens by law, we set targets and we need things to happen, we need something to come or someone to do something and frequently we get frustrated because it isn’t happening when we think it should happen.

Our problem is we’re not thinking, we believe we’re in charge, we’re not in charge. We are in charge of building the idea and holding the idea, every else happens automatically, it happens by law. All ideas have a gestation or incubation period. I’m told when we plant a carrot in the area of the world that I live, it takes approximately seven days for that carrot to grow, and manifest in form. When the seed for the babies planted it takes approximately 280 days, and we’re usually patient, we will wait the 280 days. Why? Because we know it’s going to take approximately 280 days well just because we don’t know how long it’s going to take, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t operating by the same laws. Everything operates by law so if we have the understanding that all the ideas in our mind will ultimately move into form, that’s what Andrew Carnegie taught Napoleon Hill, Carnegie was Hill’s mentor he said any idea that’s held in the mind that’s emphasized that’s either feared or revered but begin it wants to close itself in the most convenient and appropriate form available.

You want to listen to that two or three times, burn it into your mind, gain an understanding of it, and you will know that whatever you’re working on takes a period of time. No one knows what the gestation period is for an idea, we only know we can shorten it through concentration and focus. When you understand that you become more patient, and when you’re more patient and living in a much more beautiful vibration you’ll be a much more pleasant person to be around, you will enjoy yourself. Patience is a result of understanding.

Interview with Bob Proctor by Evan Carmichael

Rule of Success Know What You Want

Knowing what you want

Why most people don’t get what they want in life? It’s because they don’t know what they want. I got this book “Think and Grow Rich” and then got a row of Earl Nightingale’s condensed narration of this on the long-playing record, and I listen that record over and over again. One day I was in the business, my cleaning business, I had salespeople, and I had them listen to this record every morning, we listen to this record, and I said one day I said to myself, I love to meet him, and I don’t know Earl Nightingale who he was, he was a voice on a record and that was it. I didn’t even know where he lives. A young guy who works with me, he said no you wouldn’t, he said if you wanted to meet him you should go and meet him. I thought damn he’s right. So I phoned and I got an appointment with him. At that time he was the most listened to the man in the history of the broadcasting industry. He was a radio broadcaster, and not an easy guy to get to, but I got to meet with him for an hour.

I flew to Chicago, I spent an hour with them, and when I’m leaving I said to Earl “what’s the big deal?” You know what I mean “what is it all about?” he says there’s no big deal he said it’s very simple he says, simply decide what you love to do and then dedicate your life to it. The problem with most people they don’t know what they love to do, they never take the time to sit and ask themselves. What they’re doing is trying to get good money here and there as they earn it, but it’s not what they love to do. I was sitting there, and I have offices all over the place, I had a lot of people, I was earning a lot of money, and I got excited because I knew exactly what I want to do. “I’m going to do what he was doing”. I made up my mind sitting in his office and be somewhere around 1965 then I was going to go back, and I’m going to work with him, and in 1968 I moved to Chicago, I left my own company and moved to Chicago when I started to work
with him.

Interview with Bob Proctor by Evan Carmichael

Rule of Success Visualize


When I was 26 I have a mentor who sat down with me and he said why don’t you change the way you’re living? It never entered my mind that I could, and looking back and thinking about it. I think there are all kinds of people wandering the planet, there are all kinds of athletes they’re not getting the results they want and they don’t know they can change themselves, only one person can change you and that is yourself.

We get inspired by other people, we got help from other people but we’ve got to do it ourselves, and he lead me that I began to think to become rich. He said if you do exactly what I tell you, you can have anything you want. Well I didn’t believe that but he was so adamant about it so I believed and he believed, and so I started to listen to him and so I set a goal, I wanted some money I wanted $25,000 you know, this was in 1961, it was more money than it is today, but I didn’t even know anyone with $25,000, he said listen write it on a card, keep reading the book, keep doing what I tell you, so I started to hear people talking about earning money, and there was one guy said there’s good money cleaning floors, well I wasn’t proud I’d clean floors and he said but you should do it for yourself, not for somebody else. So he told me where I could buy a use for him in some buckets and mops, but I had to borrow a thousand dollars. Well, I was a farmer, nobody wanted to lend me money. I often say I wouldn’t have to lend money because I cannot pay it back, not that I didn’t want to, I just couldn’t. But I found a guy and he lent me $2,000. At first, I feel hesitant because I may not able to pay it back, but on the other hand I have an image, a dream, a feeling that I may be able to roll it and pay it back. I cannot get the money if it wasn’t from the guy I knew his name, is Al Kuiper, he was running a trust company and I didn’t know it. It was like a bank on Danforth Avenue in Toronto. I read a book where it says to go to one bank and if you failed to get a loan, go to another one, well I ended up sitting in his office and he said what do you want this money for son? I told him “I’m going to build a cleaning company. It will be a big one, I had a dream”, and he said to me “I think you’ll do it, I’m going to lend you the money”. It is faith!

I know what I’m doing, I have a picture, I have a dream you see. Within a year I was earning a hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars a year, I had my building up to $15000 a month working for myself. In less than five years we were working in Toronto, Montreal, Boston, Cleveland, Atlanta, and London, England. I had my own company off opening offices all over the place.

Interview with Bob Proctor by Evan Carmichael

Rule of Success Overcoming Fear


Overcoming fear is one of the greatest moves a person can make. First of all, we have to ask yourself what causes fear? Fears caused by ignorance, not knowing and if we’re going to do anything new, if we’re going to break out of a paradigm, if we’re going to change habit patterns, we’re wandering into an area we’ve never been, and you know fears stop most people.

You’ll find people afraid to talk to a stranger, you’ll find individuals afraid to stand up, and ask the question in front of other people, you’ll find salespeople afraid to make a sales call, afraid to ask for the order. Stop and think of how confining that is a person is putting themself into a small cell but it’s in their own mind, the doors aren’t locked, they can open and you can walk away to freedom, if you learn to overcome fear, when you face fear it leave you, that’s really the secret of it. In fact, if you hold yourself back because of fear, your life actually comes to a stop, because it gets better than it is, you’ve got to be courageous. Now courageous just people aren’t without fear, courageous people are people who face their fear, I think Eddie Rickenbacker that great pilot demonstrates how to overcome fear. Don’t let fear stop you, make up your mind, you’re gonna step out and do it. Stop and think that are in jobs that they don’t like and they’re afraid to leave, or people in relationships that are destructive and they’re afraid to leave.

This is a terrible way to live, and it’s unnecessary it’s just caused by ignorance, and when we step out and do something we gain in their awareness, we develop an understanding, and like that the fear is gone, make up your mind, that fear it’s not going to stop you from doing the thing you really want to do, step out and do it today.

Interview with Bob Proctor by Evan Carmichael