Rule of Success Develop Your Will

When President John Kennedy asked the father of the space program Dr. Wernher Von Braun what would take to build a rocket that would carry a person to the moon and bring him back safely to earth, he answered him in five words, “The Will To Do It” pretty light, simple answer for such an enormous question, but I’m going to tell you some, the will to do it, had a lot of power in it. What do we mean by that the will to do it?

“Will” is one of your higher faculties, your perception, reason, memory, imagination, intuition, and the will. Will is a mental faculty that gives you the ability to hold one idea on the screen of the mind to the exclusion of all outside distractions. You know it would be hard-pressed to figure out how many things that grab your attention at any given time. But there’s all kinds of things going on around that are begging your conscious attention. You can block them all out and keep one idea on the screen of the mind with your will. Will is our mental faculty, the ability to hold one idea on the screen of the mind to the exclusion of all outside distractions. It’s the will that gives you the ability to concentrate. Concentration is a powerful mental tool. How you develop your will? I’ll tell you, take your pen or a little black marker and go opposite to your favorite chair. There’s a wall opposite to your favorite chair, put a little dot on the wall when nobody sees you doing it, and nobody will ever notice the dots there. Every time you sit in that chair focus on that dot, bring all your conscious attention to bear on the dot.

Now when you do that your mind may wander. That’s okay don’t feel bad, does it wander to bring it back to the dot. Every time it wanders if you concentrate on that dot for a half a second you’ll probably set a family record. Our mind is so busy, focus on the dot you’ll find your mind wander don’t feel bad, bring it back to the dot. You can get to the point where you can concentrate for quite a while, and I’m telling you, you concentrate for a while you’re developing great powers. Or get a candle in the candle holder and put it somewhere around your favorite chair. When you’re alone light the candle and stare at the flame until you mentally become one with the flame. Now your mind may wander don’t feel bad about it bring it back to the flame. When you learn to concentrate on one thing, you can concentrate on anything because that is how you develop your will.

Interview with Bob Proctor by Evan Carmichael

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