Rule of Success Get Out of The Box

When I have no awareness when I live before without the proper mindset, someone woke me up, I mean someone who shows me the way to get out of my circumstances. Now that I’m out of my circumstances before, because someone bothers to help me out of the situation I’m in, that’s all I want to do with someone else. I remember the man who helped me said, “You can have whatever you want in life, only do what I told you. ”

Good thinking can get you out of the box. That’s where you’ve been given an imagination to get out of the box, it’s with the power of your imagination, that you build images in your mind, of whatever you want. If you can build the image you can do it, you can hold it in your head and in your hand. When you understand that, like I would imagine, nothing is impossible for you to do. This same principle goes also to athletes, who want to win in the competition. They can have anything they want, including the price that they got to pay, and when doubt comes into your mind you need to kick it out, immediately, you cannot afford to doubt.

Interview with Bob Proctor by Evan Carmichael

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