Rule of Success Get Unstuck

What keeps people stuck? Month after month, year after year, that 97% of the population are stuck. You’ve got people graduating with all kinds of degrees, and the results would indicate that they know very much at all. Most people don’t understand what’s going on inside, there’s something that’s stopping them that’s called a paradigm. See when paradigms are in control nothing changes and that’s why most people have the same results year after year. People know how to do better than what they’re doing, the problem is that they don’t know why they’re not doing what they know how to do. See it’s the paradigm that produces the result, and if we’re going to change the result there’s only one way to do it. Just one, you can change the curve at a man’s environment is a merciless year of him as a human being, and if change his environment. All he has to do is improve on his environment will improve and reflect the changing man. All you have to do is to know its power hundred percent. Even the president is in the same place at the same time. Your spiritual DNA is perfect so is mine, there’s perfection within you, you got to learn, just draw it out.

However, once your desire has been firmly established, it is an expectant attitude that ensures your goal or dream is not uprooted or replaced by any opposing idea to see. When you understand how this power works, and your conscious relationship to it, you’re not going to be knocked off track by circumstance because you are expecting
the right thing to happen as if I found the 10-acre lot because I was looking for the 10-acre lot. Most people don’t expect it, they just think because they changed vocations, they change towns, they change spouses, they change clothes, they change cars, that everything’s going to happen, no. You don’t change the kitchen by painting the outside of the house. If you want your results to change permanently, and dramatically, you’ve got to change the inside.

Interview with Bob Proctor by Evan Carmichael

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