Rule of Success Improve Your Self Image

Dr. Maxwell Maltz wrote a book way back around 1960’s it was called self-image, psychology, psycho-cybernetics it’s a phenomenal book, he said it was the greatest discovery of his generation, he was a cosmetic or reconstructive surgeon, and he found he would do work for people, he might have been a nose job or removed a terrible scar. He noticed that when he did that there was a phenomenal change in their personality, but he noticed the others he would make a phenomenal physical change, and there was no change in their personality, and that led him to postulate that we have two images, we have the one that’s coming back from the mirror but we’ve got an inner image, and that inner image is self-image, is literally controlling our life.

You will find people that have a very poor self-image or low self-esteem they won’t look you straight in the eye, they’re afraid to shake hands with you, they’re very shy and withdrawn, they go through life hiding from life, they don’t like themselves, they don’t know themselves. You know when a person improves their self-image they change their internal life, their income change, their relationship change, their health changes, and you know how you do that? Start studying yourself. Start to find out more about you.

There’s something phenomenal about you. You know when I began to study this material, 57 years ago I have a very low self-image, I have very low self-esteem, I took dumb jobs, I never earned any money, I never had fun, I had poor relationships. As I started to study start to study real solid information everything in my life started to improve. I’ve got friends all over the world today, I earn millions of dollars. I’m in my 80’s and I get as much energy as a person in their 30’s. You see when you understand really who you are, you’re God’s highest form of creation, there are things about you that just about to blow your mind as you start to study, and really understand them, you’ll walk a little taller just stands a little straighter, and you know something? You’ll enjoy a whole lot more of your life.

Interview with Bob Proctor by Evan Carmichael

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