Rule of Success Make A Decision

Napoleon Hill in Thinking and Grow Rich wrote an entire chapter on decision. Most people never make decisions, they have a difficult time with it, why is that? I think they have difficulty in their decisions, because their parents made decisions for them until they are too old and they never learned how to make a decision. Do you know that one thing that I did with my kids I never made a decision for them, they didn’t like it they say come on don’t do that to me and I said no what do you think you should do? And I leave it at that, decision-making is a phenomenal concept and you’re going to find out as I point out that successful people make decisions very fast. People that have difficulty in life make their decisions very slow.

Decision making is a funny thing, you and I think on frequencies if we could see a bunch of lines on a board and we’re thinking on a frequency down. I’m going to do that when this changes, this is never going to change until you get up on up frequency. You see the good that you’re after is on a higher frequency than you’re operating on a greater awareness, and if you’re down here and your goal is up there, you need to get your mind up there. How do you get up there? Make the decision, be there, and that’s really what you have to do. The seconds you make a decision you flip your brain on to a different frequency and you start to attract things to you that you could not before or you never get without making the decision.

Interview with Bob Proctor by Evan Carmichael

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