Rule of Success Study Yourself

I met a man here in Toronto, he was one that originally involved me to study at Stanford and he told me that if I don’t want the result that I’m getting in my life that I need to change myself because it is my results, and if you’re going to change yourself, you need to find out something about yourself, and to me it makes sense. I don’t think it was an earth-shattering idea, it wouldn’t give anybody a brain hernia, but it may help us to make sense to do. So I study myself and I found out that most people don’t know who they are, they really don’t. Average person can tell you their name, if I say my name is Bob Proctor they are two names, one comes from my father and the other from my mother, to me they’re called names but it’s not me it’s my name, then some say this is me, well this is me but this is me neither it’s my body like you never flown down here to the studio and say my body won’t be in today and it’s sick. We don’t say it’s my hand, my leg, my body, my name.

Who am I? Well that’s an interesting question and I believe if a person will start to study that and look for the answer they’ll find it. I think we live simultaneously on three planes of understanding. We’re spiritual creatures, we have an intellect, and we live in physical bodies. But because we lack awareness or understanding of who we are we’re totally locked into the physical world, and we let things outside of us control us. Ninety five percent of the population are reacting to life, they’re not living at all.

Interview with Bob Proctor by Evan Carmichael

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