Rule of Success Surround Yourself With Greatness

Surround yourself with the people that uplift and support you that creates a phenomenal impact in your life. I think Karl Menninger from the Medicare Foundation one time said, “Environment is more important than heredity.” The people we’re surrounded by have a greater bearing on our life and our success in life than what’s built into the genes at birth.

There’s genetic conditioning, there’s environmental conditioning, this environmental conditioning goes on all the way through life, you will find as you improve the quality of your life, improve your thinking, you even attract a different group of people into your life, and they are going to add to your life. You see the people we’re surrounded by their thinking is going right into our mind.

We want to mix with people who are really making it happen, take a look at your friends that you’re with most oftentimes, and ask yourself if I have children what I want them to grow up be like them? The answer is no, you better start looking for some new friends, if the answer is yes you’re already in the right circle of people. Think about what I’m saying, the people we’re surrounded with have a phenomenal impact on our lives, and help make us who we are.

Interview with Bob Proctor by Evan Carmichael

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