Rule of Success Trade Your Life For Worthy Goals

The law of success is a pretty interesting concept. There have been books written on it, stories told on it, and lives have been spent looking for it. Let’s understand that everything operates by law. The whole universe operates by law, the definition of success I ever heard was one that Earl Nightingale originated way back in 1959. He said, “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” Let’s break that down for a moment, success is the progressive, continually moving, progressive realization, constant awareness of a worthy ideal, an ideal is an idea that you have fallen in love with, and ideal is an idea that you intellectually, emotionally, and physically involved with, an ideal is an idea that you fall in love with.

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal, so you don’t ask Are you worthy of the idea? Are you worthy of the good? Is it worthy of you? Now you’re getting into love success, it is worthy of you to see. What you’re gonna do is trade your life for whatever it is you’re going after. So you want to make up your mind whatever your goal happens to be, whatever you are pursuing make certain it’s worthy of you because you’re chained trading your life for it. The law of success calls for you to continue moving forward to a predetermined objective in life, and bringing your life in harmony with the laws that govern the entire universe.

Interview with Bob Proctor by Evan Carmichael

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