Who is in Control of Your Mind by Gaur Gopal Das

Who's In Control Of Your Mind by Gaur Gopal Das

Master Self Control

How many of you have eaten something when your mind wanted it? How many of you have said something to someone when your mind wanted it? How many of you have walked into a shopping mall or into a branded store to buy something when your mind said it? I think we live in a world, where we have all become servants and slaves to our mind. What if we learn to reverse the situation and rather reverse the situation and rather than being slaves to the mind, learn to be masters to the mind. Where rather than the mind being in our control, we are in control of our minds. The pathetic state of the world that we are in today however, is because like Mahatma Gandhi said “The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed” It’s lack of self control that makes people greedy. It’s lack of self control that makes us consumers. Consuming at the cost of all of those resources that nature provided us so that we can sustainably live, and create a legacy of sustainability for the future generations. Unfortunately for us, however, we don’t look at it that way, consumption is not a problem. We need to live in the world, we need to consume. But should that consumption be at the cost of everything that provides us and everything that gives us, you know? And which is why, I do believe, that we are slaves and servants to the mind, we are consumers. But when we are masters to our mind, we are contributors. One of the sustainable development goals of the United Nations is responsible production and consumption. Be responsible in consuming and be responsible in producing.

Detox Your Mind

As fancy as the preps may look and as delicious as they may be, they get digested once they enter into our system and the body. The body needs to throw unwanted waste out in a day. Failing which can cause illness. There is nothing in the world that can quench our thirst to more, and make us feel more refreshed than water. Yet if the body doesn’t throw that water out in a couple of hours that retained water can be a cause of illness. I once saw a very elderly yoga teacher teach her students breathing techniques. She ask them to breathe in and hold their breath. But elderly as she was, she happened to fall asleep. The student who respected her a lot were unable to hold their breaths any longer but didn’t even want to disobey her. Finally as they were gasping, one of them walked up to her and woke her up. As she got up she said “and now breathe out”. As funny as it may sound the air we breathe in can be held for no more than a few minutes and if it is not thrown out, we may die. Isn’t this principle true for our negative emotions as well? Emotional hurt, grudges, jealousy, feelings of hatred, revenge, anger can make our minds toxic. Yet we continue to hold them in our systems, only leading them to so many psychological and consequently physical disorders. The body has a system to remove unwanted food, water, or air without us even being aware of it. How we wish there were automatic arrangement that could throw negative feelings and emotions out as well. But that’s not how it works with the mind. We have to consciously work on purging these toxic emotions out of our inner systems, and here are three suggested ways to get these feelings out. First write your feelings on paper and tear it into pieces or burn into ashes. This practice doesn’t necessarily solve the problem but allows us to express ourselves and release the negative energy at least temporarily. Second open your heart and confide into someone close and trustworthy. Sharing our feelings can not only lighten the heaviness we feel but we may also receive support and guidance to deal with our negativity. Third the most powerful of course, is adopting spiritual practice which can help us clean our consciousness and give us the inner strength to fight these tendencies. Always remember that it is not the glass of water which is only a couple of grams in weight that hurts our hand. It is the duration that we hold it. The quicker we keep it down the better it is for us.

Know More Before You Judge Others

In Mumbai, this is my favorite story, I tell this all the time I love it. In Mumbai sometimes I do this singing events. Kirtan – I sing the holy names of Krishna, the Hare Krishna mantra, and sometimes we have like 200 students, all youngsters, all university students, and these 200 students about 60 of them are PHD students, it’s amazing all of these PHD students coming and participating in Kirtan – we have 200 of them. All university students, and then sing, like 2 hours. I just sing. I speak but also sing, and when finish singing, then all students will come and say that was amazing. And believe me it’s hard to take those compliment seriously because they don’t understand any music but anyway I really kind of respond back thank you very much. Really grateful for your compliments. I take it because it’s out of love. It doesn’t matter skill or expertise very loving. So I say thank you. Now one evening we had this Kirtan event, singing event, and a special personality came for this event, it was a lady, she was 80 years old. Every body else was like between 21 and 25 so there’s only one lady who was so elderly, was like 80 years old and she happened to be the grandmother of one of the students. She came and she sat there, I mean what’s so special if an 80 year old lady comes and sits for the Kirtan it’s okay. She was trained in singing for 35 years she came and sat there. Now that day, if I wanted the compliment of the word amazing it was from her. If she said amazing, sorted, you are sorted . All these kids say amazing. Who cares you know. They don’t understand music anyway. But the lady who is trained to sing for 35 years she says amazing. You made it, you have done it. So usually I sing with the harmonium in front of me. I keep my eyes closed. I don’t open my eyes usually try . That day every few minutes it was opening my eyes to see how is she nodding. Is she completely involved in the singing because then you know – oh it’s going good. After the thing was over, the kids were coming and saying amazing. I said ok thank you. Thank you. There’s only one person I need to hear it from, one person today, the 80 year old grandma who really has 35 years of experience in singing. And the grandson came and said – Prabhaji would you like to meet my grandma? I said Ya I don’t mind actually, very politely I said – I don’t mind actually. And he brought his grandmother to see me. And the grandmother came and as she came there – you know sometimes you say these things in modesty, you don’t mean it at all. Like how many of you have said a sorry and not meant it at all. Like how many of you have said a sorry and not mean it at all? Did you? Have you? Ok thank you. Have you ever said a thank you and didn’t meant it at all? Happens all the time isn’t it? That day I said a statement, it was just artificial modesty, I didn’t feel it like that. I didn’t feel like that at all, I just said to her – actually I don’t know how to sing well and I’m actually off the key, In India they call it besur, I am off the key – main besur hun. She said that’s right. Oh my God that’s right. Oh my God and I am like completely, devastated, devastated. And Am like thinking how can anybody say it straight on your face. I mean if you say, yeah it was a kind of something you can make. I said I am off the key. I can’t sing and she says that’s right. And then the grandson was standing right there. And the grandson started shouting at her – Grandma! I mean he didn’t shout that loud, this is exaggerated. Grandma, did you hear what he’s saying? He’s saying he is off the key, he can’t sing well. She said – that’s impossible if he was off key and he can’t sing well, I wouldn’t sat here for a single minute. Now I was confused. Within one minute – just now she said I can’t and now she says I can. And then the grandson turned towards me and said – Prabhuji, she is hard of hearing she uses a hearing aid and she didn’t bring it today. So because your singing was amplified she could hear but when you are talking she can’t hear and therefore sometimes she just has to say ya ya ya. That’s dangerous you just keep saying ya ya ya to anything that anybody says you know. Now believe me if I would have judged her by her actions I would have for my life thought that and branded her by saying what a horrible woman – she don’t know etiquette and you know sensitivities in dealings. But when you look at the hidden mango behind which I didn’t know . Don’t judge, brand or conclude until you know.

Believe In Yourself

Who tried his level best to clear his exams at university? But he repeatedly failed and finally he just gave up. Thinking that marriage would be the best way to make him responsible. His family got him married, after the marriage , the man took up a job as a primary school teacher but due to lack of experience was mocked by students and finally removed by the school authorities. In just a few weeks time when he returned home that day his wife wiped his tears and comforted him. She said to him, you can teach young kids only if you have taken formal training, or at least have some experience of teaching kids. And for you didn’t study teaching at university nor have you dealt with kids earlier. So how would you know how to teach kids? Don’t be too sad about it. When God says yes to your prayer gives what you want but when He says no to your prayer gives something better. Probably there is a better more suitable job waiting for you out there. Gathering some hope, the man kept trying to find opportunities and when he did finally find one, he was once again chucked out of the job due to his slowness, yet again his wife tried to encourage him by saying “I’m sure there are people who are skilled and experienced at that job” And their experience comes from many years at it, as for you you were in school trying to teach kids all this while. So how could you acquire the needed skills? Don’t worry when God says no to your prayer gives something better. But when he says wait to your prayer gives you the best. The man kept trying his luck with several jobs which never lasted with several jobs which never lasted, more than a couple of weeks, at best months. Each time he would return back home dejected and depressed and his loving wife would comfort him never once was she disappointed or resentful. By the time the man was in his thirties he had found his calling and had acquired a flair in languages. He ended up being a counsellor in a school for those kids who were challenged in hearing and speaking and a little later he opened his own school, for specially abled kids. In a couple of years he set-up a chain of stores in different cities and provinces selling apparatus and equipment for the specially-abled and went on to become a multi millionaire. One day the now rich man asked his wife. “When I was so negative about my own future, how could you have so much faith in me?” The reply that his wife gave him was simple yet very profound and inspiring. She said “When a piece of land is not suitable for planting wheat we should try planting beans and after all the years of efforts if beans are not growing well we should try planting fruits or veggies and if vegetation doesn’t work, we can scatter buckwheat seeds. This seeds will one day bloom into flowers and on the very land itself there will be one seed that will germinate and grow”. After having listened to the wife’s explanation the man wept. Her faith in him, her love, her patience, her persistence, was actually responsible for the successful empire that they now owned. Ladies and gentlemen, no one is useless, the land fertile, but seed not known. It takes a while to figure it out what’s your seed, what works for you but once you discover your seed, your passion, discovery excellence and growth. Until then believe in yourself. More so have someone who believes in you and keep you going until you see your day.